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Come in and relax
MassageRx recognizes that the environment you are in plays an important part in your overall experience.  Our office is a relaxing and was created to ease the senses. We recommend that you come dressed comfortably and arrive a few minutes early to fill out an intake form and to get familiar with our facility and your therapist.
Let's begin
Upon entering the treatment room we take a few moments to ask how you are feeling and evaluate our goals for the session. Your therapist will advise you to dress to your comfort level and explain how each session will begin. We are experienced in determining the amount of pressure to use to maximize the treatment, and will check with you to see if your personal needs are being met.
After matters
When your treatment is over please get up slowly, do not rush. You will feel different. Some feel elated and energized, others relaxed and loose. Either way, just be conscious of your body and enjoy the freedom that it has discovered.
Your personal plan
Each person that enters is seen as an individual, not as having a generic problem. Our treatments are shaped according to the patient’s needs and therapists assessment, “Leaving no stone unturned”
We can help with
General body maintenance
  • Stress from every day life
  • Sore and painful muscles
  • Numbness and tingling in extremities
  • Inactivity due to lack of range of motion
  • Poor posture / Muscle imbalance
  • Headaches / TMJ
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